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Linguistic Agents has developed an integrative language platform that is based on the most current research in the field of theoretical linguistics.

This platform enables software to respond and act upon natural human language in the most intuitive fashion for users.

Our Team

Linguistic Agents’ founders and staff bring expertise in the areas of theoretical linguistics, computer science, market knowledge and logistics.
Sasson Margaliot
Founder and CEO
Shimon Hacohen
VP of Business Development
Simcha Margaliot
Senior VP
Moshe Wilshinsky


After many years of intensive research in the field of theoretical linguistics at MIT and other leading research centers, there has been significant progress in the deciphering of the general properties of human language.


Utilizing this advanced research, Linguistic Agents now possesses a unique technological capability addressing the natural- language-processing needs of the rapidly expanding mobile market.



One-Step Semantic Search for the mobile market enable by high resolution linguistic analysis.

In the Media



Linguistic Agents, creator of one of Israel’s most promising emerging technologies, boasts the most advanced natural language search engine in the business.



Computerworld  named Linguistic Agents as one of its Horizon Award Honorees, establishing it as one of "10 cool cutting-edge technologies on the horizon now".



Who are the Companies that are Leading the Pursuit of the Next Big Idea? Forbes selected Linguistic Agents as one of 4 Israeli companies positioned to lead the web's next generation.



Israeli startup enables computers to 'understand' human language


'We thought to ourselves - if we could apply the latest breakthroughs in modern linguistics to software, the results would be amazing'

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